IS 540: Global Information Technology

Summary of the course:

This course introduces students to global information systems. The course is designed for students who desire to understand the way managers, teams, and organizations develop, use and manage global information systems. IS/IT coordination issues for international operations are vastly more complex than purely domestic ones because they involve all the issues of domestic operations plus many additional difficulties, such as, time, distance, cost and culture. The course covers a range of global IS/IT applications and how they are deployed in global organizations.
After completing this course students should have:

A better understanding of the variety of global information management issues facing managers, teams and individuals in organizations
A better understanding of issues involved in building a success global software team.
Students will be able to conduct a national IT assessment for any country and analyze the implications for global organization.

Textbooks and Cases printed resources:
Carmel, E. and Agarwal, R. Tactical Approaches for Alleviating Distance in Global Software Development, IEEE Software March / April 2001