IS 565: Sourcing for Innovation

Summary of the course:

Organizations are constantly looking to outsourcing as a means for solving business problems. The growth of IT outsourcing have tripled in the last few years. While the promises of IT outsourcing are achievable, it requires a great amount of detailed management to make it work successfully. This course covers how organizations can use IT outsourcing or leverage of scale as a source for cost reduction; leverage of expertise for improved superior IT performance; leverage of access (e.g. location) to develop new strategies. Other topics covered include different types of outsourcing strategies, supplier selection, Risk Management, outsourcing maturity levels and best practices. At the end of this course students should have:

A better understanding of IT Outsourcing challenges
A better understanding of different types of IT Outsourcing
A better understanding of IT Outsourcing strategies

Textbooks and printed resources:
Recomended Book (Mcb)
Willcocks and Lacity (2006) Global Sourcing of Business and IT Services (Hardcover) by Leslie ISBN: 0230006590
Supplementary Books (Sb)
Willcocks and Lacity (2001) Global Information Technology Outsourcing – In Search of Business Advantage.
Corbett, Michael F., (2004) The Outsourcing Revolution: Why It Makes Sense and How To Do It Right.
Peter Bendor-Samuel (2000) Turning Lead into Gold: The Demystification of Outsourcing.
Hirschheim, R., Heinzl, A., and Dibbern, J. (2002) Information Systems Outsourcing, Springer
Mark J Power, Kevin Desouza, Carlo Bonifazi (2006)The Outsourcing Handbook:

How to Implement a Successful Outsourcing Process

The Maturation of Offshore Sourcing of Information Technology Work Erran Carmel, Ritu Agarwal.
General Dynamics