Virtual Software Teams

This course introduces students to global Virtual Software Development Team “VST”. The course is designed for students who desire to understand the way managers, teams, and organizations develop software application in a virtual environment. Students taking this course are expected to actually develop an application with students from other part of the world. The focus is on joint, international, collaborative development. Students in this project course will be working with students from different countries including Brazil, Finland, Mexico, Chile, Abu Dhabi, Ghana, Cameroon, China and Nigeria. The course will introduce students to challenges faced by global virtual teams such as time, distance, language, and cultural differences. Students will learn why global virtual software development is more complex than co-located development through experiential learning. After completing this course students should have:

  • A practical understanding of the variety of issues facing global software team and virtual project managers in organizations.
  • Students will have a practical understanding of key success factors in global application development.
  • A practical assessment of virtual application development skills.

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