Olayele Adelakun, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Bonnie Benkler
Major: M.S. in Information Systems
Site Contribution: Universidade Federale du Brazil summary, Network Learning summary, website testing
"This course will be one of the more memorable experiences of my academic career at DePaul. Courses of this kind can do a lot to broaden the student's view of the industry by bringing us in contact with business practices different from what we normally encounter within the U.S. Through the efforts of Professor Adelekun and his colleagues, we had the opportunity to meet with a wide variety of companies in two of the most economically dynamic countries of Latin America - companies that are dealing with important challenges in their use of information technology."

Daniel Cureton
Major: M.S. in Information Systems and Telecommunications
Site Contribution: Network Access Resources
"Our class trip to South America was phenomenal and the experience of a lifetime. Neither books, classrooms, nor the internet would have allowed us to experience their information technology and understand the impact on South American countries. My interactions with the technology, Brazilian and Argentinean people, government officials, and company top executives have given me a new appreciation for cultural diversity and a better understanding of how IT has influenced business, culture and society as a whole. "

Vilma Castro
Major: M.S. in E-Commerce Technology
Site Contribution: Logo
"It was a true privilege to meet such outstanding professionals in Argentina and Brazil. The IT industry in these countries, like in many other parts of the world, appears to face a number of challenges. However, I was impressed with their talented people and their availability of advanced technologies. As a Guatemalan citizen familiar with pools of contrasts, I believe Argentina and Brazil are the Latin American leaders defining new paths to shrink the gap between technological and social development. This brief but meaningful encounter in Argentina and Brazil also injected energy into my plans to bring technology into small businesses in Chicago owned by Latin American immigrants. Thanks to our business hosts, DePaul University, Professor Adelakun and my classmates for such a wonderful experience!"

Gregg Davison
Major: M.S. in Information Systems--Project Management & Application Development
Site Contribution: Project Manager
"This trip was an excellent opportunity to study abroad the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) readiness of two emerging countries, Argentia and Brazil. An academic experience of a lifetime."

Seble Ethiopia Habtezion
Major: M.S. in Telecommunication Systems
Site Contribution: Network Policy summary
"The best global initiative course complemented with outstanding & memorable research trip to Argentina and Brazil. The research trip enabled me to learn the actual facts of IT and taste the beautiful/rich culture of the both S. American countries."

Weny Isawati
Major: M.S. in E-Commerce Technology
Site Contribution: Outsourcing and Networked Economy Summary, Graphics
"Grab life by the horns and run with it. If you have the chance to go to Brazil and Argentina, take it!"

Lauren Liebovich
Major: M.S. in Computer Science
Site Contribution: Assistant Project Manager, Photography
"The ability to study international aspects of a field within the domain of specific countries is an invaluable experience. Bringing together people who shared an interest in technology, but varied in their concentration, added a deeper dimension to the class. In short, this trip was an amazing learning experience and an incredibly fun adventure."

Ebony L. Milton
Major: M.S. in Business Information Technology
Site Contribution: AT Kearney summary
The trip to South America was an opportunity of a lifetime!  There were ample opportunities to learn about the emerging and existing technologies from the professionals in Brazil and Argentina.  Being able to submerse myself in the local culture gave me a new appreciation for the unique cities I visited."

Keith Nightlinger
Major: M.S. in Information Systems--Database Management Systems
Site Contribution: Atech summary
"Experiences like this will open your mind to unknown worlds."

Judy Ossello
Major: M.S. in E-Commerce Technology--Application Development
Site Contribution: Site design/development
"What an opportunity to meet with high-level executives and work with a group of talented individuals! I will be drawing from these experiences as I finish my master's degree and move into my career."

Rick Paturzo
Major: M.S. in Business Information Technology
Site Contribution: EDS summary, Photography
"The Brazil and Argentina trip was a great experience, what we were exposed to is not something a student can read in a book or study in a class. This trip gave me a better perspective of new cultures as well as making new friends. Being there in person has given me a better understanding of IT and business somewhere other than the US, I'm definitely ready to go back."

Harelda Pereda
Major: M.S. in Information Systems
Site Contribution: ABN AMRO summary, Networked Society summary
"The trip to Argentina and Brazil was a valuable educational experience for me as I had the opportunity to visit several companies and learn the uses of Technology, how IT impacts the businesses and culture in these countries.The uniqueness of this trip was the access to these Companies and the interaction with Corporate Executives and different level of Professionals which would not have been possible with a tourist visit."

Chad Rissman
Major: B.S. in Network Technologies
Site Contribution: Embraer summary
"Although I went for the finest meat in the world in Argentina, combining the�opportunity�to learn the IT industry first hand�throughout�Brazil and Argentina and the�different encounters�I had with the entire group I would definitely recommend anyone that has the opportunity to take this class to not hesitate at all. It is an unforgettable experience that not only teaches you about the IT industry�throughout Brazil and Argentina but provides you with an education in life that can change you forever."

John Schoene aka Al Brigado
Major: M.S. in Information Systems--Network Technology
Site Contribution: Reuters summary, website testing
"IS 596, IT in Emerging Countries was one of the most valuable classes I've taken during my Masters Program. This course provided exposure to many Fortune 100 companies, and allowed us to expand our horizons in regard to the use of technology in emerging countries and understand how it is used in different cultures. I have enjoyed working with diverse cultures with Reuters while supporting global systems and I feel this class was a great attribute to both my Masters experience through DePaul and it provided me with an opportunity to meet some of my counterparts in person in the Argentina and Brazil offices."

Marco Sepulveda
Major: M.S. in Information Systems--Network Technology
Site Contribution: Photography Selection
"No classroom theory compares to the opportunity to experience first hand how IT is run in developing countries. Meeting with Argentinean and Brazilian companies as well as IT professionals in their everyday environment provided me with significant knowledge about the role of technology to support the business mission of companies in South America. Furthermore, having the opportunity to interact with local people and their culture allowed me to discover all the exciting opportunities that these two countries have to offer."

David Wendland
Major: M.S. in Distributed Systems
Site Contribution: Unibanco Summary
"IS-596 was an excellent way to study the usage of IT in both business and personal settings in South American. The ability to observe technology usage first hand in both Argentina and Brazil was truly a unique experience."

James Wong
Major: M.S. in Information Systems--Project Management & Database Design
Site Contribution: EDS Summary
"The experiences that I had in South America with this group will remain with me for the rest of my life. I was able to achieve the goals that I set out for myself. Goals of being a person cognizant of other cultures, consorting with intelligent, successful IT leaders about the current and future state of the industry, and finding more confidence within myself in that I could keep pace with a highly skilled group of my peers. I advanced in wisdom and personal strength more than I could have ever imagined. The trip was the most fun that I've had in a long time. We'll have a great bond for a lifetime and that is a nice souvenir to take home."

Calvin Wright
Major: M.S. in Computer Information--Network Security
Site Contribution: CDI Summary
"This research adventure has validated for me that Technology has made this a much smaller planet and has change the lives of many. Visiting Argentina and Brazil exposed the reality that the United States is not this only center of business in the world. Argentina and Brazil are succeeding and struggling in many of the same areas as the United States. Their potential for continued growth in technology is limited only by their vision to find new ways to succeed.� This visit has shown me that if we (the United States) are going to remain leaders in this technology arena we must remain on the forefront of growth, vision and change. The US, Japan and Europe are invested in Argentina and Brazil have begun to dip into the wealth they have to offer our technological world these countries are viable players in this industry.� Also exposed is that we share the great digital divide with other nations as well, unfortunately portions of our populations have little or no opportunity to be part of this technological growth or have any exposure to the technological advantages. Closing this divide must be part of our larger vision."