Company Visits


Company Background
Atech Tecnologias Criticas, a non-profit organization, is a consultant for the Brazilian government. It specializes in applications for sensitive government-regulated operations with geospatial awareness. Atech has the unique ability to develop applications in a knowledge-based architecture that makes information available to its clientele in multiple formats. These benefits give the client a "complete picture" and allow them to perform an accurate analysis of real-time situations.

Areas of Application

  • Air Traffic Control
  • Energy
  • Health
  • Logistics
  • Public Transportation " Defense
  • Environment
  • Industrial
  • Public Safety
  • Space Technology

Visit Summary
Our visit with Atech provided the class with an inside opportunity to view a few of the technologies the Brazilian government leverages in its ongoing operations. Atech demonstrated a core focus on knowledge management and how it has been integrated into their corporate culture. We also saw a robust use of geospatial technologies that enhance an application's usable capacities. The highlight of this visit was the opportunity to see first hand the advanced technologies in use, and Atech's direction to enhance them for the future.


Company Details:
Atech Tecnologias Criticas
Rua do Rocio, 313 - 11° andar
04552-000 Sao Paulo SP

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