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Company Background
EDS specializes in Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) with the objective of creating global processes and tools for over 7,000 clients. EDS Brazil is the largest office in Latin America and has become the second largest provider of IT services in Brazil. Currently, EDS Brazil employs more than 5,800 full-time and 800 contracted employees with an annual growth rate between 20% and 30%. EDS Brazil can handle large volumes of transactions which mostly entails the processing of credit card purchases. EDS provides extensive training programs to their employees through EDS University where they can be educated in areas such as sales, operations, leadership, technical services and product management. Innovative management procedures and methodologies have prepared EDS Brazil for increased success in the near future. The uniqueness of EDS in Brazil can also be illustrated through their efforts to understand and unite with the local culture. Led by Shu Tung's vision and commitment to excellence, EDS Brazil was named as the key hub for the Americas.

Infrastructure Volumes
76,000 Users
1200 Call Center Positions
6 Billion Online Transactions per month
2980 Servers
39,000 Work Stations
56TB Mainframe Storage
EDS University Programs
Program & Product Management
Technical Services

Visit Summary
Our visit to EDS provided us with a unique experience to view the operations of a major global IT corporation. We witnessed the usage of the most modern technologies on a massive scale. EDS also presented us with their corporate philosophy which primarily focused on providing superb customer service with strong, effective leadership. We learned that the working environment created was thoroughly planned out and that with great power came great responsibility. In order to control such a large operation there has to be discipline. EDS Brazil President Shu Tung was the highlight of the visit because he carried himself with great authority and shared his insights on life and the IT business. He organized many aspects of EDS Brazil's global business operations and implemented an environment conducive to professional and personal growth. Tung believed that the growth of EDS put the responsibility back in EDS' hands to provide tangible benefits to the local communities and country. It was a remarkable experience to hear the wisdom of such a great man that courteously provided his time for us.

EDS Guiding Principles from Shu Tung
Trust One Another
Value and Be Valued
Communicate Often
Act as Part of a Team
Take Pride in Your Role
Be Proud of Your Organization

Memorable Quotes from Shu Tung
"Its not a matter of fishing but showing them how to fish…"
- comment on state of Brazilian Government

"Not about getting the money but managing it…"
- comment on lack of resources in Brazil
"Wrong leaders cause big problems…"
-comment on business management

"Certifications may provide competency but not more important than behavior…"
-comment on valuable workforce


Company Details:
EDS do Brasil, Ltda.
Avenida Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek, 1830
Torre 4th and 5th Andar
São Paulo 04543-900 Brazil

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